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Vista, House IV Students’ Association, HKUSTSU was established since 1993; responsible for all matters and policies related to its members. Our Association aims to promote friendship and cooperation, and develop social, cultural and sports interests among our members. We are also responsible for building up House spirit; promoting unity and sense of belongings to our members.

“Vein IS The Almighty”, the slogan of Vista, meaning that Vista acts like veins, the essential parts of a plant, transporting important nutrients to every part of the plant. All in all, the ultimate aim of our Association is to provide all essential elements to our members, leading them to a meaningful and fruitful university life.

Our goal is to be active, creative and prominent. It motivates us to create new ideas and elements in our functions. Therefore, Vista can develop her unique style, spirit and culture.

Vista is a pool full of scenes of unforgettable memories of Vistalians. All these build up the friendship and House spirit among the members and this colors the university life of our members, leading to a fruitful and memorable university life.

Follow the link to learn more about the House IV Constitution

Latest News

Joint House Sports Competition Closing Ceremony

The Vista Sports Team had won the overall 1st runner-up of the JHSC, congraduation!

Farewell Dinner (嶄時離別)

Our Farewell Dinner (嶄時離別) has been held on 4/5 night, we wish a bright future to each of our graduated members.

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