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VERTEX, House II Students' Association, HKUSTSU (VERTEX, House II SA., HKUSTSU) was founded with the opening of UG Hall II in Feb, 1993. The name “VERTEX" denotes that we strive for the best for House II in every aspect at all times. VERTEX, House II SA., HKUSTSU is one of the affiliated societies of HKUST Students' Union with the base in UG Hall II.

Our goal is to germinate a distinctive style and culture of House II, to promote cultural, social and sport interests among our members, to unite our House members by providing benefits, welfare and activities, as well as building up their sense of belongings of being House II members. VERTEX stands for pinnacle, the apex of a mountain. It is represented by the mountain range in the official logo of House II. Standing on top of the badge of HKUST, VERTEX is also supported by every passionate VERTEXIANs, symbolized by the shape of the letter V and the Roman numeral II within it. This signifies that all VERTEXIANs are the buttress of VERTEX's strength, pushing VERTEX to the enith of its power and reputation.

Red is the official color of VERTEX, House II SA., HKUSTSU. It represents passion, energy and strength motivation. It exhibits the character of House II, as well as all the VERTEXIANs. Our house is filled with all these positive element, which makes it the best place for the growth and the whole-person development of House II members.


At the beginning of every semester, VERTEX will distribute free and high-quality welfare products to our members, all of these products are carefully selected and produced by the Ex-Cos. Besides welfare products, we also design our Society T-shirt to represent our spirit of VERTEXIANs. Society Paper is also made to hope the members remembering VERTEX while dealing with their courseworks.

Regular Gathering is also one of the welfares that VERTEX provides to our members. Various entertaining and relaxing activities are held by the Ex-Cos regularly to make our members to feel at ease even facing difficulties at school.

Previous Welfare Products, Society T-shirts and Society Papers can be found here.

UG Hall II

Undergraduate Hall II is a 11-storey building. The hall premises occupy the 2/F and upwards of the building located on the central seafront of the campus. G/F and 1/F of the building accommodate other campus facilities, including two common rooms and the Student Houseing Office. Up to 424 students can be accommodated in UG Hall II including 244 students in double rooms and 180 students in triple rooms.

Besides, UG Hall II has some special elements that you should look out for. First of all, the 2/F common room of UG Hall II is also called Dim Siu 2, the snack shop inside provides snacks and drinks which are sold in a cheap price. Second, there are different floor committees: Fierce man 猛男會 (2/F - 3/F), Phoenix 鳳凰寨 (4/F - 6/F), Slim Beauty 修身堂 (7/F - 9/F) and American Pie 美國派 (9/F - 10/F).

Click here to know more about our floor committees.

Sports Teams

VERTEX Sports Teams consist of Basketball Team, Football Team, Volleyball Team, Badminton Team, Table Tennis Team and Female Basketball Team.

Our althletes strive for the best result in competitions, while our Cheering Team provided vital energy to our althletes to deliver their best.

House II Constitution


MAK, Ka Fung Jeff


WONG, Sheung Yi

Internal Vice-Chairperson

SHAM, Tsun Hang Bruce

External Vice-Chairperson

HO, Ka Chung

Internal Secretary

LAU, Chun Kit

External Secretary

YEUNG, Ming Tsun

Financial Secretary

SZE, Pui Hong

Marketing Secretary

LAU, Ho Nam

Publication Secretary

CHAN, Cheuk Wing

Promotion Secretary

MAK, Yuen Fung Kelvin

Sports Secretary

LI, Ching Yih

Communication Secretary

CHAN, Chun Ki

Welfare Secretary

LAM, Yan

Hall Affairs Secretary

NGAN, Wai Yan

Hall Affairs Secretary

LAM, Hin Fung Arthur

Resources Secretary


Are you a sportman? Love sports? You are welcome to join our sports teams.

Don't hesitate to contact our Sports Secretary if you want to be our sportsman!

The Basketball Team of VERTEX has a strong sense of team spirit. Regular team practice and friendly matches will be organized to perfect our skills.

The most number of team members among all VERTEX Sports Team. Regular friendly matches will be held on Artificial-turf Soccer Pitch (ASP) to improve the team.

The mixed genders of the players in the Volleyball Team is the special feature in the entire VERTEX Sports Team. No matter male or female, we welcome you to be a team member here!

The badminton team of VERTEX have achieved outstanding results during the Joint House Sports Competition this year, we will keep on building this team in the coming year.

The table tennis team of VERTEX have always been the leading team among all other competitors, and we welcome you to join us!

The only VERTEX sports team which consist only female members, we aim to promote sports to our female members.

Without the energy of VERTEX's Cheering Team, our athletes can't perform their best during matches. They always cheer up our players with their loudest voice and still support them no matter we win or lose!




Welfare Products

Society T-Shirts

Society Papers

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UG Hall II, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Mailbox: Mail box#44, Student Centre, HKUST,Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Fax: +852 2335 1019
Email: su_ugh2@connect.ust.hk
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