Sports Association, HKUSTSU, Session 2015-2016

Executive Committes

NamePosition HeldField
Chan Wang Shan (Emily) President Softball
Lam Ka Wing (Ka Wing) Internal Vice-President Rowing
Or Chun Leung (Jesper) External Vice-President Badminton
Li Hok Yin (Terry) Internal Secretary Track and Field
Choi Chun Hung (Alvis) External Secretary Dance
Li Long Sang (Louis) Financial Secretary Track and Field
Chan Chun Yin Jack (Jack) Marketing Secretary /
Tsui Man Chi (Olivia) Marketing Secretary Rowing
Cheuk Ka Man (Carmen) Promotion Secretary /
Chan Yin Kwan (Kwan) Promotion Secretary Table-tennis
Chow Ka Chun (Kelvin) Publication Secretary Basketball
Chan Wai Ting (Taxi) Information Technology Secretary Basketball
Fong Tsz Tun (Kaden) Activity Organizing Secretary Track and Field
Lam Kin Fu (Kin Fu) Activity Organizing Secretary Football
Tsoi Brighton Long Wai (Brighton) Activity Organizing Secretary Badminton
Chung Gain Yui (Eunice) Activity Organizing Secretary Football
De Guzman Andrei Louis (Andrei) Activity Organizing Secretary Basketball
Chui Man Kai (Kai) Activity Organizing Secretary Basketball

Constitution of Sports Association, HKUSTSU

2015-2016 Intramural Sports Competitions

The HKUST Intramural Sports Competitions are student-organized functions involving students from various departments, the sports clubs and the Sports Association.

The 1st HKUST Intramural Sports was held in 2000-01. Six competition events will be held in 2015-16:
Aquatic Meet, Athletics Meet, Campus Run, Badminton, Basketball and Football Competition.

The objectives are:
To promote active campus life through sports competition opportunities for all students;
To instill a sense of belonging among students in the same department;
To provide learning opportunities and to promote cooperation between different student groups.

Information & General Rules