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Monday to Saturday - 8am to 9pm

Contact : su_rmbisa@connect.ust.hk

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The Welcoming Camp serves as an invaluable opportunity for the newly-admitted RMBI students to get along with current RMBI students in different years. This is undoubtedly a precious chance to know more about the RMBI programme, other RMBI students and the RMBISA in the Welcoming Day and Camp. We sincerely hope that the new RMBI students could blend in well and enjoy their time spent in HKUST, to strive for excellence in both academic and social aspects.

The 6th Inauguration Ceremony, which symbolizes the commencement of the functions held by the association in session 2017-2018, was successfully held on 7th April, 2017.

This year, the theme of the 6th Inauguration Ceremony of the RMBISA is “Permeate with Tenacity”. “Permeate” depicts penetrating or diffusing into the surroundings while “Tenacity” describes the spirit of perseverance. It represents the vision and the faith of our society to hold on regardless of future adversities, and that we would fly high with strong convictions. The 6th Executive Committee members of the RMBISA pledge to serve all RMBI students and members with diligence in the coming year.

Apart from promoting the RMBI program to students and external parties, they tend to cater for the needs and interests of members and students by organising innovative activities to serve members in academic, career and recreational prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Risk management refers to the practice of identifying potential risks in advance, analyzing them, and taking precautionary steps to mitigate losses. The recent sub-prime crisis and financial tsunami show solid evidence of the catastrophic consequence of mismanaged risk. Business intelligence is a new discipline consisting of a set of methodologies and processes to analyze business data in order to improve an organization's decision making, business planning and projection. To assess and minimize risk effectively, it may be necessary to analyze and manage the growing volume of business data. Business intelligence approaches have commonly been used to establish the early-warning system for monitoring a company's financial status.
---From HKUST RMBI program

  • To promote the study and applications of risk management and business intelligence

  • To promote unity, friendship and the sense of belonging among members

  • To promote general welfare for members

  • To build up a positive image for the program of Risk Management and Business Intelligence

  • To extend and strengthen our linkages with other clubs and societies in the sphere of academic, social and cultural activities

  • To extend our linkages with the industry

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