Accounting Students' Society,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students' Union

Class Activities

November 24, 2014

This function aims at building up a strong network inside the Faculty of Accounting. A series of activities such as sharing of current business situation from professors and gathering will be organized to build up the bonding among accounting major students. It is hoped that members may get more business insights which may help their future career development.

Study Tour 2015

January 7-11, 2015.

Study Tour 2015 is aimed at enabling members to gain precious oversea experience during winter break. It is scheduled for a period of up to 5 days and covers the whole range of leisure and educational activities through firm visit and sightseeing which allows students to experience global accounting business and culture first-hand. It also provides a platform for students to broaden their social network with students and the accountants abroad.

Join for Joy 2014

November 20, 2014.

Join for Joy is designed as the premier recreational program of the Society. Its purpose is to provide entertaining activities and interaction between members, as well as creating fun, lasting memories. In addition, there will be a massive giveaway of gifts, as well as a lucky draw offering the best of all gifts. Thus, our purpose is to have FUN!

Mentoring Program 2014

Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for mentees to build long-lasting relationship with their mentors. Our prestigious mentors coming from accounting bodies, Big Four accounting firms, CPA firms, commercial banks, consulting firms, investment banks, and the finance sector can give advice to mentees on both academic and career affairs through sharing their experience and inform them latest business information. Mentees will be equipped with different soft skills through our highlighted workshops.

High Flyers 2014

September 2014

High Flyers is an important function designed to deliver our members an out-of-this-university experience through a career-seeking simulation. It is the only complete simulation of the whole job-hunting process among all HKUST societies. The functions include online application, mock interviews and various workshops such as CV writing and Job Hunting workshop, aptitude test and Dining Etiquette Workshop. It is hoped that participants may get more insights about recruitment in business world through a series of trainings.

Freshmen Week

September 1-5, 2014.

mpFreshmen Week is a week devoted towards integrating freshmen into the university life, as well as to enrich and introduce the field of accounting. Reunion of Orientation Camp 2014 is an opportunity to foster long-lasting relationships between students of different years and majors. The Induction Session will be held to highlight important details for those wishing to major in Accounting, which will be explained in person and in an extensive logbooks. Important details include a recommended study path, study tips, and, exclusive to members, fresh intelligence on different classes and its lecturers.

Orientation Camp 2014

August 17-19, 2014.


It is the first function that freshmen can get touch with our Society. All business freshmen may enjoy this fruitful 3-day-2-night camp through having different mass games, joint society mass games, campfire, water battle, On-campus Orienteering, Off-campus Orienteering etc. They may get know more about HKUST and the Society through having these activities. Many group leaders and spies will be recruited in order to help freshmen to adopt the new environment and build up their networks within the Society.

The 23rd Inauguration Ceremony

April 30, 2014.


This ceremony will be held in late April. Guests from different accounting institutions, professors from the Department of Accounting as well as students' representatives from different tertiary institutions will be invited to witness such remarkable occasion. This ceremony also indicates the commencement of the 23rd cabinet of Accounting Students' Society, HKUSTSU. All cabinet members will show their determination to serve the members in the coming year.