The University of Hong Kong
School of Professional and Continuing Education
Diploma in Teacher Librarianship

D016: School Library Automation
April - May 2002

Instructor: Mr. K.T. Lam (

Lecture Notes
Towards Digital Libraries



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What is a Digital Library?


Related Terms of Digital Library:

See: for the a comparison of the terms "electronic libraries", "digital libraries" and "virtual libraries".

Digital Libraries usually refer to libraries that provide

Digital Libraries, as a discipline, refers to the researches on the theories and technologies for the building of digital libraries.

Digital Library Projects refer to the digitization of library materials for access through the network.


Is the University of Hong Kong Libraries ( a digital library?

A digital library usually has ...

Note that a digital library usually uses a Web server as a gateway (portal) to information resources.

Digitizing Collections


Examples of digital library projects for school libraries

Selection Criteria

"Creation of digital versions of print, photographic, archival, and other materials may be undertaken for a variety of purposes, ranging from in-depth research to popular entertainment, and from large-scale projects to conversion of a few items for an individualís use. It is expensive to select, create, and maintain digital resources; the cost of image capture accounts for only one-third of the total expense. It is therefore important to assure during the selection process that issues of technical feasibility, intellectual property rights, and institutional support are considered along with the value of the materials and the interest of their content." -- Extracted from:

Types of objects for digitization

Content creation processes


Digitizing printed materials...

CD-ROM Networking


Why networking CD-ROMs?

Methods of networking CD-ROMs within a LAN:

Sharing CD-ROM drive on a computer

CD-ROM Tower

CD-ROM Server

CD-ROM databases that requires frequent updates will be eventually migrated to the Web-based environment, otherwise they will become obsolete.

Issues on software installation

Remote access

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