Having Babies in Hong Kong: A Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth & Raising Kids in Hong Kong

在香港怀孕, 出生, 与養育孩子- 指南

This page attempts to pull together information on being pregnant, giving birth, breast feeding, and raising children in Hong Kong. This page is wordy and opinionated. Note about the author.

This page is always *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*. The Chinese characters are written in Big5. I use RichWin 4.2 to read and write them.

Pregnancy Labor & Birth Breast feeding


Baby Impedimenta1 Babies & Children

HK Health care

Public Hospitals

Private Hospitals

Private midwives

Eating - drinking


Twins and more

Breech babies - Turning methods

Maternity leave

Unplanned Pregnancy

Pain Relief


Birth Plans

Birth Stories

Breast feeding, 坐月, and other birth customs

Naming, Birth Certificate & Passports


Flying with a Baby




Books & links

Note about the author
I am a Euro-American woman, resident in Hong Kong since 1992. In 1995 I married a Hong Kong man and now have two children, conceived, gestated, born, and now being raised in Hong Kong. My Chinese is only so-so, but I will try to include Chinese information on these pages as well.

Please send me comments so I can improve these pages. I am not a midwife, a doctor or "health care professional" - I have read and studied but everything I say here is my opinion. It's not "gospel". I do try to reference my opinions when I can.

1.Impedimenta \Im*ped`i*men"ta\, n. pl. [L. See Impediment, Impede.]
Things which impede or hinder progress; incumbrances; baggage; specif. (Mil.), the supply trains which must accompany an army.
"On the plains they will have horses dragging travoises, dogs with travoises, women and children loaded with impedimenta". --Julian Ralph.
From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913 ed.)

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