A software system for structural DNA nanotechnology design, analysis and evaluation

Soccer Ball (Stepwise design)


A user-friendly software system, UNIQUIMER 3D, was developed for structural DNA nanotechnology that consists of 3D visualization, internal energy minimization, sequence generation, and construction of motif array simulations (2D tiles & 3D lattices) functionalities. The system can be used to check the structural deformation and design errors under scaled-up conditions. UNIQUIMER 3D aims to facilitate the design of novel DNA motifs for the DNA nanotechnology and has been tested for the design of both existing motifs (holiday junction, 4x4 tile, DX, DNA tetrahedron, DNA cube, etc.) and not-existing motif (soccer ball). A de novel sequence generation algorithm is integrated into the system. UNIQUIMER 3D was developed for the Windows environment and is provided free of charge to the non-profit research institutions.

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