Project Description

In this project, we need to create a 3D texture-mapped model from a single image using the single view modeling method talked in the paper "Single view Metrology". Specifically, the input is a 2D image and the output is a 3D VRML model. We use the write up to calculate the vanishing points, which may highly influence the accuracy of the final model obtained. After choosing the reference points by user, we compute 3D positions of the corners of all the polygon image patches by SameXY and SameZ method talked here. Some of the results will be shown below.

The Artifact

We have created a friendly user interface for you. All you need to do is just following every step fully explained on the UI panel.

The first image below from left to right is the orginal image of "building", then followed by three edited images to show the Intermediate process, i.e., setting vanishing points, setting reference points and draw polygons respectively. The final two images below them are the still images of a new view captured on the 3D model.

Original image: building set vanishing point of building
set reference point of building draw polygon of building

still image of new view: building still image of new view: building

Other Examples


Original image: box still image of new view: box


Original image: room still image of new view: room


Original image: temple still image of new view: temple

Texture maps

Here are some of the texture maps for the "building" example.

Texture map 1 for building

Texture map 2 for building

Texture map 3 for building

VRML files

Choose the VRML files below to see the final results.

VRML file of building
VRML file of box
VRML file of room sketch
VRML file of temple


  • Bin XU,
    HK University of Science and Technology, Fok Ying Tung Graduate School

  • Haiyan YANG,
    HK University of Science and Technology, Dept. ECE

    Download Testing Images


    Useful Links

  • COMP 5421 course website
  • Original PhD thesis: Accurate Visual Metrology from Single and Multiple Uncalibrated Images